frequently asked questions

Why should I sell on notems?

notems was developed for the artist, entrepreneur and small business owner with a passion for the arts. Your items will be listed alongside those that are the best in the business when conducting a search on our site. We have no listing fees. You will be part of an ever growing community.

Will notems help me gain visibility?

Yes. By posting information about yourself, business or organization, your internet prescence will increase. Provided that you truthfully disclose your location, you will also increase your visibility in your community.

How can I distinguish myself?

The more you publish, the greater the likelihood that you will be discovered. Keep in mind that the intention of a published article is to provide the reader with an opportunity to discern your subject expertise. The more you publish articles of value, the more apt you are to distinguish yourself.

How can I build a community?

Unlike most social media sites, notems addresses the relationships you want and not your current or past 'friendships'. By describing your passions, goals, work ... and listing the connections that you seek in the want ads section, you may just find your next band mate, colleague or fan.

How much does notems cost?

notems is free.

Is notems another ebay or amazon?

Not at all. Sure you can buy and sell goods on the site; however, that's where the comparison ends. notems focuses on the arts and entertainment and, as such, goes out of its way to publish interesting, controversial and informative articles, recommendations, events ... and supports members that do the same.

Can I sell my services and products on notems?

Of course you can sell your products and services. All you need is a PayPal account, and off you go! Once a purchase is made, you will be notified by PayPal and notems of the sale.

How many store items may I list?

At this time, you may list a maximum of 200 at a time. As they sell, you may list other items. So get those LPs out of the closet, remove the dust from that Fender you have under your bead and list them. You're bound to make someone's day.

May I post events that I or my business host?

You may post up to 40 event listings which can searched by date, title and location.

By making a post on notems, will I be picked up by the major search engines?

Yes, that's been our experience. If you write interesting content, the likelihood of you being discovered on notems is considerably greater than posting on your own website.

How often do I need to update my listings?

You only need to publish your listings once. Repeated attempts to publish will not increase your visibility as they are retrieved by location, category and title/tags.

Will notems place advertisements on My Marketplace?

notems is a Noise Free Zone and, as such, does not place advertisements on your publication. We want you and your readers to feel comfortable when writing, reading ... teaching/learning from one another without being distracted or compared to the competition.

Do you scan my email contacts?

Absolutely not! You may have received an email from us because we did our research and determined that we would be honored to have you as a member; however, we will never send spam nor engage in the deceptive practice of equating your contacts with potential notems members. We ask that you inform others of our services.

Why am I unable to post to my site?

If you have exceeded the number of allotted posts, you will be unable to post a publication. At the top of your editor, you are given a running count of the total number of publications. Check that you have not reached that amount. Another possibility is that you have not entered certain fields. A red error message will be placed next to the required item.

What is the maximum size of an image that I can upload?

The maximum image size is 5MB which, when uploaded, is compressed considerably.

I am having difficulties loading images.

We use both a flash loader and a default html loader. If the flash loader does not work, to the left is an option of using the default loader.

Why does it take so long to load an image?

We compress photos/illustrations after they have been loaded. Chances are that you have a slow Internet connection. We ask that you use photo compression software so that the image you wish to load is less than 100kb and, therefore, takes considerably less time to load.

Can I load more than one image at a time?

You may upload 5 images at once except in for the Logo and Main Picture Loader. If you have exceeded the 10000 photo maximum, you will be unable to load anymore pictures.

What is the maximum number of images that I may upload?


What is a notems URL?

Each member account, with the exception of shoppers, will receive a notems website. The URL is the address of the site: The URL will be unique, easily readable and somewhat, if not entirely, related to the site display name (your business name or personal name).

Is the Display Name the name of my business or organization?

Yes. Once you set it, do not change it. Search engines will associate this name with your site.