What you may sell on notems


You can list and sell products and services provided they are legal. See below.

What you cannot sell

Illegal or prohibited items. Do not sell drugs, pornography, non-packaged foods, makeup and beauty supplies.

NO PRICE GOUGING. You will be banned from the site.

Musicians & Photographers

We cannot allow you to sell digital photographs or MP3's due to possible copyright violations. We ask that you sell prints/posters and CD's/vinyl/tapes instead. This not only protects you and your work, it also protects the buyer from inadvertently participating in a theft.

How to sell

List items in your store for a fixed price.

Get paid

Using paypal, buyers will buy from you directly.

Ship item

Ship the item, regardless of the location, using a shipping courier that provides a tracking number. This ensures the customer that the item has been sent.

Why use notems?

Because it's fun to sell. Whether you are an individual, artist, entrepreneur or business, if you wish to promote yourself or want to sell online, become a member. The benefits to you may be to expand your fan base, increase your earnings and become a invaluable asset to an ever growing community.

It is very easy to create a store on notems without having to know html/css/javascript ... Upload information as it pertains to your passions, and you will be a member of the virtual universe in a relatively short period of time.

  • post articles, influences, experiences ...
  • promote services and goods for sale
  • identify wants/needs and meet others in a position to help
  • share information
  • build a subscription list
  • sell products and goods
  • meet invaluable contacts
  • much more
With Safety in Mind

We at notems are very concerned for your safety and, therefore,

a. provide encryption software to encrypt sensitive information such as credit cards

b. ask that you do not share your personal information i.e. address, telephone number ...

c. do not share your contact information (email address) with anyone other than the buyer