How to handle refunds

If you are making a purchase on notemote, please review the seller's store policies to determine if they offer a refund. We ask that you print their refund policy before making a purchase to ensure that the seller honors their published contract should a refund dispute ensue.

Notemote is a venue and as such takes no responsibility for your financial transactions with notemote members. Should a seller not honor their refund policy, sell defective or illegal goods or harass you into making a purchase, please let us know: we will then make a determination if the suspension or removal of the seller's account is necessary. We will not be responsible nor take the any action to offer refunds through the user's PayPal account.

Notemote does not refund transaction fees to sellers who offer refunds. Once a sale has been made, the seller will still be charged the standard transaction fees as outlined in our fee structure.

As a seller, you must send all goods via UPS, FedEx, DHL or any other postal service that offers buyers the opportunity to track their shipments. Moreover, all sales in excess of $500 must be insured. Even if you are in the same municipality as the buyer, you must still ship the item unless you possess a signed bill of sale. This confirms your response to the purchase of an item should dispute over a sale arise.